We offer the following grain contract options at Fleming Feed & Grain. 

Delay Pricing Contract– DP contracts are utilized by the buyer to help get ownership during harvest or to help facilitate the movement of grain from farm storage to grain elevators during the winter/spring. They also reduce the storage costs for the farmer.
Basis Contract– This contract authorizes the customer to lock in a basis for a specified delivery time, quantity and location. This enables the customer to capture what would be an attractive strong basis and stop monthly charges. One drawback to this contract is that no price protection is afforded, as the futures price has not been established yet.
Futures Only Contract- This allows the seller to lock in a futures price for a specified delivery time, quantity and location. It enables the customer to establish a futures selling price that is attractive to them and within the pricing restrictions of the contract; they can price the basis at a later date. With futures prices being volatile, the customer can lock in the futures to manage that volatility. There is a service charge associated with this, which is due at the time of contract settlement. The service charge varies depending upon commodity and length of time until the contract matures.
Deferred Payment Contract– This contract allows the seller to defer payment for grain from one tax year to a later year. The disadvantage is that once this contract is entered into, the money can’t change hands until the date listed. If paid earlier than the contract requires, unknown tax consequences could result for other deferred payment contract holders.