We have many varieties to offer you. Call now to find the one that is best for your fields and farming organization.

Chrome- variety that has been widely adapted in the central plains, doing well in all of Kansas and Oklahoma. It is high tillering with top-end yield potential and excellent acid soil tolerance and straw strength.  It’s resistant to leaf rust, stripe rust, and soil borne mosaic.  With its medium-late maturity, medium height, and very good drought tolerance, Chrome is a good choice for growers.

Doublestop- has high yield potential, very good winterhardiness, test weight, and drought tolerance, as well as good grazing in the fall. It is a high tillering wheat with good straw strength. It is moderately tolerant to acid soils. It’s medium late maturing variety and greens up later than most in the spring. It has an intermediate disease package and is best adapted to south central Kansas and north central Oklahoma.

Everest- our “go-to” varieties for eastern and central Kansas—the most-planted variety in the state for several years. Everest will need to be sprayed for either stripe rust or tan spot if those diseases are a problem. In the absence of those leaf diseases, it has very few other weaknesses where adapted. Everest is not a high-tillering variety. Everest seems to tolerate mid-season drought stress well but does not tolerate early-season drought in the fall.

Grainfield– this variety good drought tolerance and delivers very good yield potential in Western locations and moves east well. Has shown good grazing potential and has a good overall leaf disease resistance

WB4303– variety adapted to the eastern two-thirds of Kansas and Oklahoma.  It has exceptional high-end yield potential, great grazing potential, and is good for intensive management.  This variety has good drought tolerance, but excellent straw strength will let it go under irrigation.  WB4303 is a medium maturity, medium short wheat, with good acid soil tolerance.  A fungicide will facilitate full yield potential.

Winterhawk- This is an exceptionally high yielding hard red winter variety with good test weight. It emerges well and covers the ground quickly in the fall. It has a high tillering capacity, alongwith very good drought tolerance. It has demonstrated very good foliar disease resistance, particularly to leaf rust and stripe rust. Winterhawk is broadly adapted to the wheat producing areas of southern Nebraska, all of Kansas, eastern Colorado, and northern Oklahoma.

Zenda- a hard red winter wheat from Kansas Wheat Alliance, is an excellent choice for wheat acres after corn in central and eastern Kansas.  It has similar resistance to Fusarium head blight, or scab, as Everest.  A medium-early, medium height variety, with a good leaf disease package, Zenda has good yield potential and good acid soil tolerance.

Wheat Seed Treatment available: Custom, Insecticide, Fungicide, or the FULL IFT